Top 5 Gadgets to Turn a House into a Smart Home

South Africa is in the midst of a high speed internet evolution, and Chameleon Connect aims to take the fuss out of finding the perfect fibre solution. These days the internet isn’t just for sending emails or checking Facebook anymore, it can open you up to so much more and can transform your life.
In this new always on world, why settle for how things used to be? You’ve got the Smart Phone and now you can get the Smart Home to match. All you have to do is make the Smart decision by getting yourself a super-fast fibre internet connection along with some of the gadgets below! Before you know it you’ll be all set to experience life like never before!
Here are our top 5 favourite gadgets to transform your ordinary house into an extraordinary smart home!
1. Smart Bulbs

Own your lighting mood and get much more from a light bulb than you ever thought possible with these nifty gadgets! You will never need to find a light switch once you connect these smart bulbs to your home Wi-Fi.
You can turn it on with an app or your voice, programme it to turn or automatically at a certain time, dim it, change the colour and some even have built-in speakers so you can play your music.
With the app you can also monitor the usage and its cost. Best part about it is you could do all this and more from halfway around the world or right from your couch using an app on your Smart Phone.

2. Connected Coffee Maker

For some of us, nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning! It’s the getting out of bed and having to wait for your first brew that’s the problem.
How about a coffee machine that’s always online, controlled from your phone and ready to brew at the push of a button? We know, heaven sent right! With an app you will be able to control certain parameters like the strength of your coffee and these preferences can be saved for future use.
3. RoboVac

Vacuuming for some is therapeutic, but for the rest of us it can be a back-breaking nightmare! That’s where a RoboVac comes in.
Aside from initial programming, this little wonder goes about its duties with no assistance. It is able to detect dirt and debris and makes quick work of it. What makes it really smart though is that it can learn your homes layout, detect walls and furniture to avoid collisions and comes with a charging dock that it can find on its own. Ok so vacuuming can be therapeutic after all!

4. Smart TV

With a Smart TV, you can have the world at your fingertips without having to get off your couch. But it’s the fact that it becomes so much more than just a TV.
Once connected to your Wi-Fi, you’re able to browse the web as you would on your computer. Netflix and chill, get around to some grocery shopping or catch up on everything happening on Social Media, the choice is yours!

5. Smart Hub

The gadgets above often come with their own apps, but using a different app for each can become a bit much! One app sounds better than five, right?
That’s why a Smart Hub is an absolute must for a Smart Home. With the right Smart Hub you’ll be able to connect most if not all of your smart, connected gadgets and appliances, controlling them from the Smart Hub’s app.
Depending on the Smart Hub you get you’re also able to set up sequences so that your gadgets work together, when needed, as soon as one is triggered! This means your connected coffee maker can switch on once you get home and turn on your smart lights.

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